Undergraduate Courses

  • The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has initiated a new undergraduate major (specialization) in biomechanics.
  • The major is interdisciplinary, and lies at the interface of mechanics, biology and medicine.
  • The program comprises courses in biology, bio-medical engineering, medicine, chemistry, and physics, in addition to core courses in mechanical engineering.
  • Due to the unique nature of the program and in order to ensure a strong background in “traditional aspects” of mechanical engineering, the major requires 38.5 credit points (compared to 26.0 in other majors).
  • The number of students is limited.
  • Download background and FAQ related to the biomechanics major (in Hebrew)
  • Download requirements for biomechanics major (in Hebrew)
  • Download presentation on biomechanics major given by Asst. Prof. Sefi Givli at meeting for fourth-semester undergrads
Undergraduate Projects
Project Name Advisors
Spontaneous Acoustic Emissions that Emerge from the Inner Ear O. Gottlieb
A model for the contact problem of cartilage I. Etsion
Modeling and Analysis of Bone Micro-Structure A. Fischer & P. Bar-Yoseph
Biological membranes S. Givli
“Stretch activation” mechanism in muscles S. Givli
Investigation of the dynamics of micro-swimmers near a solid boundary Y. Or
Biomolecular – mechanical interactions occurring in the pregnant uterus D. Shilo
Projects in Biorobotics and Biomechanics Lab (BRML) A. Wolf
Optimal control of human hands movements: response to errors M. Zacksenhouse
Modeling and Analysis of Blood Coagulation Processes P. Bar-Yoseph
Dielectrophoretic trapping of DNA at a micro- nano-channel junction G. Yossifon
Spontaneous Acoustic Emissions that Emerge from the Inner Ear O. Gottlieb
Cooperation with the industry – Medinol S. Givli
Graduate Courses
Number Name Lecturer
036071 Biomechanics of cells and molecules Asst. Prof. Sefi Givli
036072 Kinematics of biomechanical systems Assoc. Prof. Alon Wolf
038734 Heat transfer and temperature control in live tissue Prof. Avraham Shitzer
036064 Nano- and Micro-fluidics Asst. Prof. Gilad Yossifon
036076 Electrokinetics in nano and micro-fluidics Asst. Prof. Gilad Yossifon
036086 Flow and transport in microdevices Asst. Prof. Moran Bercovici
036084 Tribology in biology and bionics Asst. Prof. Michael Varenberg
036075 Movement control in biological systems Assoc. Prof. Miriam Zacksenhouse