Grad Students

Completed Degrees
Name Research Topic
Gabor Kosa
PhD 2006
Micro-Robots in Medical Applications
Anat Cohen
MSc 2007
Nonlinear Dynamics and Stability of a Basilar Membrane Model Subject to a Nonlinear Feed-Forward Force
Daniel Glozman
PhD 2007
Flexible Needle Navigation and Control in Medical Applications
Gaddiel Oukanin
MSc 2009
Multiscale Computational Models for Simulating Stochastic Collective Cells Migration
Yaron Holdstein
PhD 2012
Volumetric synthesis of bone micro-structure as a base for scaffold design and diagnosis
Maxim Khokhlov
MSc 2012
3D Reconstruction and Segmentation of Fracture surfaces from Microscope Images using Multi-Resolution Representation
Yaron Holdstein
PhD 2012
Geometric and Physical Modeling of Bone Micro-Structures as a Base for Scaffold Design
Yair Adler
MSc 2013
Lamellipodia Dynamics in Motile Cells
Elad Tenenbaum
MSc 2014
The mechanical behavior of statically indeterminate beams made from a lipid-bilayer
Itamar Benichou
PhD 2014
Theoretical and experimental study of multi-stable structures, with application to protein unfolding.
Keren Shemtov-Yona
MSc 2014
Effect of dental implants’ diameter on their fatigue performance
Yulia Marom
MSc 2014
Characterization of Bio-Mechanical Processes Occurring in the Placenta under Mechanical Stress
Lior Atia
PhD 2015
Equilibrium and non-equilibrium configurations of heterogeneous biological membranes
Shimrit Katz
MSc 2015
Phase separation and shape stability of two-phase biological membranes
Shmuel Katz
MSc 2015
The post-buckling behavior of a beam between springy walls, with application to filopodia growth and stent procedures.
Yizhak Ben Shabat
MSc 2015
Adaptive Hierarchical Multi-Resolution Volumetric Geometric Modeling of Porous Micro-Structures